Domestic violence was already an epidemic and did not need the added control and secrecy of the Covid-19 virus that trapped survivors with their abusers.

Florida has 41 certified shelters that offer 24-7 crisis intervention and resource line for domestic violence survivors.

Family, friends and community partners may also call for resources. Silence and lack of knowledge about domestic violence and sexual assault play a large part in why they persist. Simply wanting to help is a huge step toward ending the shame and stigma that survivors are burdened with. Learn how to recognize DV/SA, what to do when you see it and how to stop it before it happens.

Abuse takes many forms and is not just the physical. Verbal, emotional, financial and sexual abuse are also included in the ‘POWER AND CONTROL’ wheel of abuse. (You can find the wheel on the National Domestic website.)


1-800-500-1119 Florida, for the one nearest you.

No one ‘deserves’ to be abused, no one ‘deserves’ to be hurt; and our children deserve better. There is no excuse.

Sincerely, Marvis

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