Divorce during Covid

We have been doing some type of social distancing, quarantine, sanitizing and staying home for 5+ months now!

Divorce itself is hard enough, but divorce during covid made it a whole new experience that professionals and clients alike have tried to navigate and figure out the new process of it all.

Couples that had started the process were forced to still live together; others had started the process but their hearings were held up until the lawyers and judges figured out how to best serve their clients over Zoom; couples that were divorced couldn’t afford to move and others lost their income.

Divorce during covid-19 has taken on a new “normal” -for the process of divorce and for clients seeking support.

As a certified divorce coach, I have the resources you need, the experience to help you get through the process and the education to help you get a fair OUTCOME.

We will get your paperwork done, make your parenting plan, deal with any comprises, jump any hurdles.

You do not have to go it alone.

Divorce coaching and life coaching have always been done mostly remote, so phone and zoom sessions are normal for us. Yes, I would love to meet you in person, but this allows anyone, anywhere to benefit from coaching.

If you want to be the one who helps decide how your divorce to transpires; if you are ready to get un-stuck, if you want someone on your side with confidence and integrity, or you just want to be an advocate for you and your children; I offer a FREE discovery session. We will examine your goals and formulate a healthy, workable, exciting plan.

Sincerely, M

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