Labor Day is in the rearview mirror and I am looking back over the past year and everything that has changed for me.  

Last August, we were still in NH, the moving company had loaded up our apartment and put it in storage as we moved in with our daughter and her family. My hubby and I were headed to a new state for a new adventure. In November, we made it to Florida. 

In January, we happily moved into our newly purchased home. I received my certification as a divorce coach, joined the Greater Palm Bay Chamber of Commerce and started networking for my new business; Matarozzo Divorce Coaching.  

And then we experienced ‘the day the world stood still’ as we went into quarantine and things have not returned to ‘normal’ yet.  Although coaching is done safely over the phone or zoom, it’s all about the connection I make with people.                           

The Hubby went to NH for the summer and lived with the youngest son and his family for three months and is now safely back. I spent the time he was gone decorating our home, on Zoom meetings, writing a book on divorce (Find Your StrengthBefore, During and After Divorce) and remote networking. 

As I reflect to last year, I am still in a sort of limbo. Not like waiting to move, but waiting to meet family, friends and businesspeople face to face. Your energy fuels me. Your wins help me to see my wins. Your successes keep me striving for my own success.  

Seven months later, we are still unsettled. Every relationship has had a shift. This is not the time to go it alone, reach out before you need the attorney, give your notice, run naked down the street with your hair on fire! A certified coach will help you to plan, ask all your questions, see your options. I am a safe, secure, non-judgmental source of help, hope and knowledge.  It is your life and your story, and you deserve to have it happy and productive. 

Blessings-Abundance & Gratitude 

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