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When you partner with Matarozzo Divorce & Life-transition's Coaching you get confidential, efficient, and affordable coaching that busy professionals are looking for right now.

  • I meet clients at one of the worst times in their lives. I partner with you helping you get through your divorce with dignity, assurance, and knowledge of the system, thus, saving you time and money. Divorce is a billion-dollar business. I’m sure you can use your money for other things! I also have the tools to help you set up a great co-parenting plan, helping your children to transition to their new ‘normal’.

  • Empowering you to empower yourself. Create the life you deserve. Fill out the questionnaire and let’s get you started on your exciting journey! The only obstacle is-YOU.

  • I help motivated women achieve their dreams; whether it's getting a raise, finding more family time, having less stress or rediscovering a passion long buried.

  • I use Our Family Wizard in my coaching practice. SAVE money on this amazing helpful app when you coach with me. Stay out of court; help your children know where and when they will be with each of you. Stop loosing your credibility. Everything is recorded. And, spend more time enjoying your children. Even learn how and when to introduce the new relationship to your ex and your children.

I help women who are lost in the process of divorce. I am the most assessable person on your team, and I will help you save time and money. I use my life experiences and education to help other women avoid the trauma of the court system during her divorce. Having been abused by my police officer spouse, I was mistreated again by the lawyers, judge, and court system. My ex sold our home and kept all the proceeds; his girlfriend’s sister was the judge who signed our divorce decree. I had to give up my home business. He said one lawyer would cover us both; he would set his own child support and I needed to sign the quick-claim deed. At no point did anyone intervene on my behalf. He married his affair right after our divorce and only saw our daughters twice in the next 6 years. My pleasure is helping you on your journey to your best life; being ready for your lawyer and the judge; and embracing the co-parenting agreement. It is also helping you acknowledge what you want and what you don’t want. And listening as you decide whether to move, get a job, or go back to school. As the most assessable person in your corner, I will support and encourage you. Our children experience the same pain and emotions that we do during the breakdown of a marriage, and it is important to keep them out of the adult conversations and conflicts. With my support and guidance, I will help to make this transition easier for you. You will be able to create this new reality with clarity, grace, and hope.

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I try and build a strong connection with my clients and answer questions that you may have.

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I am able to help using your own strengths and motivation, your story and your energy by asking powerful questions and with higher-level listening. 603-507-8787 ZOOM; PHONE; in PERSON